Upgrade the Look of Your Truck With an LED Tailgate Bar

You can upgrade the look of your truck’s tailgate with an LED Tailgate bar. Many of them are microprocessor controlled and feature Sequential Scanning LEDs, Red Brake Lights and Turn Signals, and White LED Reverse Lights. You can even mount an LED Brake Light under the tailgate using 3M Self-Adhesive Pads. In addition to tailgate lights, LED tailgate bars can provide additional illumination for your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

LED tailgate light bars can add a high level of safety to your truck. They provide useful functions such as brake lights, turn signals, running lights, and reverse lights. These bars are easy to install and affordable. So if you’re looking to upgrade the look of your truck’s tailgate, get one of these LED tailgate bars. You’ll be glad you did. Your truck will look better than ever and be safer for others.

LED tailgate bars can be found at a variety of places. The Rampage brand offers a 60-inch LED tailgate bar with 90 LEDs. These tailgate light bars are waterproof and completely sealed so that they provide brighter illumination than the stock bulbs. The BLADE tailgate light bar has a strip design, making it lighter than many other LED tailgate lights. Another feature of this LED tailgate light bar is its IP67 water and dust ingress protection. The BLADE is also silicone-sealed to prevent moisture buildup.

A RECON LED Tailgate Bar comes with reverse lights and brake lights. It’s a great choice if you’d like a bar that adds safety to your truck. This product is approved by the NHTSA and street legal. It’s also made from premium 3mm diode LEDs. Unlike other tailgate light bars, RECON’s tailgate light bars are more durable than their competitors’ LED counterparts.

The Anzo 60-inch LED tailgate light bar boasts 90 LEDs and is one of the best-selling LED tailgate light bars on Amazon. Its low-profile design is much easier to install than other LED tailgate light bars. It’s a perfect option for vehicles that need to be seen from behind. It adds value to your truck’s rear end. Anzo’s 60-inch 4-Function LED Tailgate bar is a good choice for many vehicles.

The Anzo 60-inch LED tailgate light bar has 90 LEDs and a slim profile for a low-profile truck. Its slim design allows it to integrate into the truck’s exterior. It is also lightweight and durable, so it’s a great choice for drivers who want to add a brighter tailgate to their truck. There are several types of LED Tailgate light bars on the market, but the Anzo 60-inch tailgate LED light bar has the most features. It installs right beneath the rear gate and ties into the trailer lights wiring.

The BLADE tailgate light bar is the #1-selling LED tailgate light bar. Its 90-LEDs can be easily inserted into the rear-end of your truck, providing added illumination that makes your tailgate stand out from the crowd. The BLADE LED tailgate light bar is compatible with most trailering options, and its silicone-sealed design makes it very durable. Adding an LED Tailgate light bar to your truck is a good way to increase the value of your vehicle and protect it from the elements.

Anzo 60-inch LED tailgate light bar is a great choice for truck owners who want to increase their visibility. It features 90-LEDs, and is weather-proof. Unlike most hard-tailgate light LED bars, the BLADE has a flexible lighting pattern that offers a wide range of functions. The BLADE has five different color options, which makes it more versatile than other LED tailgate light bars.

Aside from a great look at the rear of your truck, LED tailgate light bars also offer increased safety. The Anzo 60-inch 4-Function LED Tailgate light bar is a universal fit, and installs right below the truck’s tailgate. Its flexible cable ties into the connector on the taillight of your trailer. In addition to the safety benefits, the tailgate LED bar adds a great deal of value to your vehicle.

The Mega Racer tailgate light bar is 60-inches long, with 2,000 LEDs in a triple row. Its multi-function capabilities include running light, hazard light, and reverse light. Its waterproof design makes it ideal for a truck’s tailgate, and its ability to serve as an extra light is a great advantage. This tailgate bar also makes your vehicle more visible, and can be used as a running light or a brake signal.