LED Tailgate Light Bars

The Rampage LED Tailgate Light Bar is a waterproof, fully sealed electrical system for long life and improved visibility. It comes with a three-inch wide, flexible LED strip that fits in recessed space and comes with mounting brackets. Its one-year warranty gives you peace of mind that your new tailgate light bar will be up and running in no time. The light bar’s design provides the perfect illumination for the rear turn signals and tail lights of your vehicle, which makes it an ideal addition to any truck or SUV.

LED tailgate bars add value and style to the rear of your truck, while providing a bright, safe and dependable lighted strip. The 60″ Anzo LED Tailgate Bar is the most versatile and functional tailgate light bar. It fits under the tailgate and ties into your truck’s trailer light wiring. Aside from improving your vehicle’s looks, tailgate LED light bars improve safety. A good LED Tailgate Light Bar can increase the overall value of your vehicle and increase your safety.

The Redline Triple LED fits 48″ and 60″ tailgates. It covers the spare tire access ports on the vehicle’s tailgate. It allows you to still access the spare tire with the use of a socket wrench from underneath. The LED tailgate light bar features seven hundred and twenty-eight LEDs. It is also compatible with many different vehicles, including SUVs. If you’re unsure whether or not your vehicle will be compatible, contact a retailer for more information.

The RECON LED Tailgate Bar is based on the length of the tailgate’s flat surface. It can fit compact trucks and full-size trucks. The LED tailgate bar can also be used to cover the existing spare tire access ports. It is approved by the NHTSA for street-legal use. And unlike other tailgate light bars, the Redline uses the latest 3mm diode LED technology. Compared to other competitors, the Redline Triple LED has seven hundred and twenty-eight LEDs.

LED tailgate light bars can add safety and style to your truck’s rear. You can buy a variety of LED bars online. Some of the best-selling LED tailgate light bars come in different styles and are available in different sizes. For those who are in need of a larger unit, the REDLINE Double LED is a good choice. It comes with white reverse and brake lights. It will also improve visibility of the spare tire.

Another option is the Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar. It comes with red brake lights and white reverse lights for a safer driving environment. Its size is determined by the length of the tailgate’s flat surface. The 48-inch and 60-inch version of the RECON tailgate light bar will be installed under the truck’s rear panel and is approved by the NHTSA. You can also find these LED tailgate bars by reading reviews.

Rampage LED Tailgate light bar offers the highest-quality tailgate light at an affordable price. The lights are bright and long-lasting, and can be installed in any vehicle with ease. The LED tailgate light bar also has the added benefit of providing safety and style to your truck. With these features, you’ll get more visibility while cruising around in a vehicle! These lights will make your truck stand out from the crowd and make you the envy of everyone you pass.

If you want to illuminate your truck’s rear, LED Tailgate bars are the perfect solution. They provide additional safety and enhance the rear appearance of your truck. These bars also enhance the visibility of your taillights and rear turn signals. The lights are designed to be installed just below the tailgate, so that they don’t block the view of the rear side of your vehicle. You’ll also notice an increase in visibility when you drive at night. Check tailgate bar page here.

These LED tailgate light bars offer safety and style to your truck. The Recon LED Tailgate Bar is made to fit in the rear of your vehicle. Its flexible mounting brackets make it easy to install and fits your truck perfectly. It is available for both full size and compact trucks. It is street legal and NHTSA-approved. It has a wide range of functions, from running lights to reverse lights. If you’re looking to add safety and style to your truck, you can’t go wrong with an LED tailgate light bar.